DNS Vs AD Question

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Subject: DNS Vs AD Question
Posted by:  Fabio Martins (support.msNOSPAMP…@fabiomartins.net)
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008

Hi! I have a question about DNS and Active Directory

The scenary is:
Im the company i work to, we use mainly a Novell Network.
We are migrating to Active Directory little by little.
Since we deployed our DC, we are using it as the internal primary DNS Server
for all workstations and the secondary DNS Server is the other DC, even for
thoose workstations and servers out of AD.

We only have these 2 DC's, DNS service is integrated to AD and on AD we have
just one site with one domain.

When we add a workstation or a server to AD, automatically it changes the
computer zone to MYADDOMAIN. For example, before addint a server to AD, my
SERVER01 was:

SERVER01.INTRANET.CITY.MYADDOMAIN (where CITY is the city where the server
is and Intranet is just to inform that it does not belong to the Internet)

and after we put it on AD:


The question is that we are using on AD the same domain name we used to use
on the zone when configuring the servers in DNS. Now, we left the computer
zone as AD sets it and configure the connection zone as we used to use. Does
it can imply in some problem on my network?

Thanckyou in advance.