2008 migration issue

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Subject: 2008 migration issue
Posted by:  RC (RichJChris…@gmail.com)
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009

In my test lab I have an empty forest root with 1 dc and a domain tree
with 1 dc. forest/domain function is 2003 server. Everything is
running 100% without any errors.

I prep the forest/domain in the root and prep the domain in the domain
tree. I install 2 2008 64bit servers. DCPROMO each one into each
domain. after the promotion I install DNS and make them a DNS Server.
Everything so far is perfect.

Now its time to transfer the roles from the old over to the new 2008
DC's. in the root domain I transfer all the FSMO roles over without a
hitch. wait for everything to be happy. I then do the same in the
other domain.

tests I ran in both domains:

eventviewer looks good
DCDIAG - good
nltest /dsgetdc:domain1.com good
nltest /dsgetdc:domain2.com good
netdom query fsmo is showing the correct info
repadmin /showrepl is good without errors
repadmin /syncall all good
ALl DC's are DNS/GC

now here is where I am having problems. time to demote the old 2003
DC. I log in and dcpromo the 2003 domain controller. it says
everything is successful and transferred the remaining data over to
the new 08 DC. it finishes without any problems. I shut down that
server and remove it from the domain. I log back into the new 2008 dc,
every looks good. I rebootthe server BUT when it comes back up I am
unable to login. it keeps giving me bad username and password.

now the first time I did this I thought I just did a fat finger and
forgot the password so I did it all over again from scratch. (even
thought i knew i had the correct PW). And, not to be surprised I had
the same problem.

the third time around I didn't demote the 2003 server. I simply
powered it off, rebooted the 2008 domain controller and voila' I had
the exact same problem. I cant login to the domain. if i power it back
on i am able to once again login.

has anyone else had this problem? I would love to hear what you guys
think. Im sure i am just overlooking something stupid.