Migrating 2DC's to faster hardware

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Subject: Migrating 2DC's to faster hardware
Posted by:  Pierre (Pier…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009

Guys, We have 2 domain controllers on very poor prformance H/W -300MHZ,etc -
we have now obtained 2 much newer servers and would like to migrate these 2
domain controllers to this better servers.

Plz let me know if I am missing something.None of these hold any roles.

1.- Dcpromo down both domain controllers - force replication  -in essence
give it enough time -i'd say at least an hour to replicate throuighout the
domain. The domain consist of 2 sites -total of 9 dc's.
2.- Verify DNS was cleaned up of any entries for these 2 dc's.
3.-DCPROMO UP these 2 new windows server 2003 machines.\

Run dciag,netdiag,frs to get a sense for any errors that may be occuring.

Also would like at some point to upgrade all to SP2 - planning to do it in a
different day to avoid many things from occuring the same day.

Any other suggestions, plz let me know