AD domain = Internet Domain

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Subject: AD domain = Internet Domain
Posted by:  Fábio Oliveira (fabio.olivei…
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009

Hi friends....this is the first time i'm writing to this newsgroup.
Some months ago, i've created a domain with AD for the company where i'm
But in that time, I had not much experience, so i've created the
"" domain. But we do have  a internet site "",
so know I know that we are going to have much problems with it, for example:
i'm creating DNS entries for some external websites to get them to work...

I think that the only way to permanently solve this problem is creating
another AD domain. But we do have 200 XP workstations. So which is the best
solution: creating another domain and migrating manually one by one
workstation, or try to rename the current domain ?

Fábio Oliveira