Group Policy does not get inforced

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Subject: Group Policy does not get inforced
Posted by:  Larry (Lar…
Date: Thu, 7 May 2009

I have a strange issue that has just started in Server 2008 running Terminal
Server 2008.    I have a OU with a Group Policy that handles security.    If
I uncheck the Enfore GP option and then create a new user in that OU, even
after I recheck the Enfore GP this new user does not get the GP enforeced.
All users that were created when the GP was Enforced have security.    It is
only the uses created when the Enforce was unchecked that do not get the GP
apply when they login.    I have run the gpupdate /force option and I have
restarted the computer several times and I can not get the GP to be enforced.

How do I fix this issue?