Decommision old domain controller

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Subject: Decommision old domain controller
Posted by:  BigSam (BigS…
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009

I need to decommision an old server with the roles of PDC & Certificate
I think I know how to add another domain controller to the LAN.

What steps do I take to make the new DC the PDC?
  I think I open the Operations Masters tool & use it to move the RID, PDC &
Infrastructure from the PDC to the new server. Is there any special order I
need to do these tasks in?
  Are there other steps I need to take?

What steps do I take to move the CA role to this server?
  I think I install the CA service on the new server & then Retarget the
Certification Authority. Do I need to install a certificate from the existing
CA? What other steps & in what secuence do I do them in?

Thanks in advance.