NTDS Replication Event ID 1083/1955 and account lockouts

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Subject: NTDS Replication Event ID 1083/1955 and account lockouts
Posted by:  Vic (V…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009


We have had problems for some time with user accounts being locked for
reasons other than users typing in their passwords incorrectly. The issue
does not descriminate and happens at random to all users reagrdless of
privilidges and roles, even when the user is logged in and working away.

The event log of our PDC does show Event 1083 and 1955 for a a user account
that is locked.
Not sure if the event is ocurring after the account has been locked or the
event occurs and then the account is locked.

Is this event generated because the account is locked ?

We run a 2003 Environment, where the PDC was upgraded from a Win2000 box. We
also run Citirx for all users apps.
We have a single domain, which was created by the merging of two older
The PDC server also tuns DHCP.

Checks I have performed already include :
- the are no duplicate objects
- The domain functional level is Win 2003
- repadmin shows success
- dcdiag passes all tests

We have several doamin controllers in other locations serviced by WAN Links
serviced by 2-4 Mbps links.

Any help appreciated. Thanks