System State Restore Problem For the Domain Controller.

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Subject: System State Restore Problem For the Domain Controller.
Posted by:  dattaforit (dattaforit.3sxu…
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009

Hello Everybody,

I am trying to perform the backup and restore of a exchange server

I have a machine with
OS as Windows Server 2003.
Microsoft Exchange 2003
It is a Domain Controller with have active directory installed

I am using the BETEST (VSS SDK) sample code to perform system backup of
this machine as i want to backup Active Directory also.  The BETEST
actually uses VSS to perform backup and restore.

My backup operation is successful.

Now i have another machine with same hardware and software
configuration as that of the above machine. Also the partitions and with
OS partitions are same as above mentioned machine.  It has same host
name as that of the above machine.

At a time only one machine is powered on, in order to avoid conflict.

I am again using the betest sample code to restore the above taken
backup on this second machine.

Apart from the other writers there are three writer which use custom
restore method.  Betest sample application does not support restore for
the writer using custom as a restore method.  So the file specific to
these three writers are not restored.

Those three writers are named as
1. FRS Writer
2. Registry Writer    
3. COM+ REGBD Writer

As per some literature on net, there are few pre and post restore
operation required for these custom restore writer specific file to

After going through google search, there is a BURFLAG which is to be
set for the restore.

Accordingly below are the steps i follow

1. Boot the machine in the Directory Service Restore mode.
2. Set the BURFLAG to D4
at Startup\BurFlags)
3. Perform the system state restore using BETEST application.
4. For the three writers, for whom the betest code doesnt support
custom  restore method, i manually copy those files to the
corresponding folders.
5. Reboot the machine normally.

The machine is not booted and the error message is shown as

"Directory services could not start because of the following error:
The specified network password is not correct.  Error Status :
0xc000006a.  Please Click ok to shutdown this system and reboot into
directory services restore mode, check the event log for more detailed

When i again reboot the machine in the directory services restore mode.
The error events are logged as event id 4007.

Please help me solving this problem.


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