How to I copy a users roaming profile?

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Subject: How to I copy a users roaming profile?
Posted by:  Jim in Cleveland (JiminClevela…
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009

I have a user profile that I would like to copy to a test user's profile.
We're in a Server 2003 environment using Active directory.  The profile that
I wat to copy is located in a directory called Roaming Profiles.  It is a
mandatory profile.  I've looked at KB324749 wich describes "How to create a
Roaming User Profile in Windows Server 2003".  That article states to copy
the profile, I need to go to Control Panel, System, Advance, User Profiles.
The profile that i would like to copy is not in that list.  How can I copy
all the user's profile settings so that when I apply it to another user, they
all transfer?