Moving domain and exchange

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Subject: Moving domain and exchange
Posted by:  Chris Hill (Chris Hi…
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009

We have a project where we have an existing machine which is a domain
controller and a machine which is an exchange 2007 server. i believe the
exchange server is running on server 2003 x64.

We need to go to new equipment which will run server 2008 and and keep
exchange 2007 - I assume the active directory already have the exchange 2007
As part of this the new servers need to be located in a new location 200kms
away, we are think of rebuilding the original server a domain controller and
leaving it in the old location.

Given that the network between these  locations may not exist for a few
weeks and we need to have it all running in the new location on the 1st of
July what is my best move forward?

Only theory I have come up with is build the servers in the old location
using the new locations ip addresses (in a sub network so it looks like its
in the new location)
Add a an active directory server, install new exchange server, migrate
emails then transport it all to new location once the network between them

Is this the only way? I'd like there to be a better way