Secondary AD question - Urgent

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Subject: Secondary AD question - Urgent
Posted by:  Luiz (Lu…
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009


I have a question about Additional AD and if anyone can help me I appreciate:
- I have an AD 2003 environment wiht one Primary AD that is holding all 5
FSMO´s and several Additional AD sites.
I intend to add another AD in a remote site with low link so that I will
configure the AD in my local network and then transport it to the remote site.
My remote site, the destiny of the Additional AD, will not have a link with
principal site for one week but I intend join the workstations from the
remote site using that Additional AD, that will be a DNS Server as well.

I have created an test environment and the workstations join in the
Additional AD but I would like to know if it will have some problem when the
link with Primary add is on.

Any concerend about it?

Thanks for while.