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Subject: Re: Cross Domain privialges for Domain Admins
Posted by:  Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS] (meiw…
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009

Hello blankmonkey,

I agree with Paul's advice and would redesign to a single forest domain.
This will make it also easier for administration and restore in case of failures.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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> 2008 native Domain setup (no 2003 or older)
> /----Domain-Child1 (Users)
> Domain-Parent---
> \----Domain-Child2 (Servers,applications,
> services)
> I have complete control over all the domains.
> It has been decided via Policy that all users will reside in
> Domain-Child1
> What trusts need to be set up, groups setup, members added, etc.  so
> that I
> can use 1 user account, and be a Domain Admin in BOTH Domain-Child1
> and
> Domain-Child2?
> Remember, POLICY says user MUST reside in Domain-Child1, and I may not
> be and enterprise admin.



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