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Subject: w2k3 R2 time services
Posted by:  Mike (no@spam.com)
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009


Recently, I have make transition of AD from _OLD_ to _NEW_ server. All fsmo
roles are now on _NEW_ server.
_OLD_ server is still GC (together with _NEW_ server).

If I query fsmo roles, I get the following:

netdom query /domain:DOMAIN_NAME fsmo
Schema owner                _NEW_.domain.grp
Domain role owner          _NEW_..domain.grp
PDC role                        _NEW_..domain.grp
RID pool manager            _NEW_..domain.grp
Infrastructure owner        _NEW_..domain.grp

(where _NEW_ is new server :-) )

The problem is that the time services of the _NEW_ server is still synching
with the _OLD_ server.

When start/stop time service on _NEW_ server i get the following in the
event log (of _NEW_ server):

net stop w32time && net start w32time

The time provider NtpClient is currently receiving valid time data from
_OLD_SERVER.domain.grp (ntp.d|>

Why is _NEW_ server synching with the _OLD_ one? One person using the client
computer call me today to ask why his computer
time is 10 minutes late comparing to the time of one other computer on the
network. I checked where that computer is authenticating on the network with
set logonserver and get the _OLD_ server for the answer. Is that OK or shuld
I somehow force the client computer to authenticate on _NEW_ server? If yes,
How is possible that the client computer can't figure out what is the
acurate time server on the network. Is PDCe responsible for time services?

Thanks in advance for your answer.