Default Gateway and Proxy server

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Subject: Default Gateway and Proxy server
Posted by:  emaresea (emares…
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009

I am managing a network with 2 gateways and a proxy server.  Mostly using
static IP addresses

Gateway 1 is the main gateway and has port 80 blocked except for the proxy

Gateway 2 has port 80 open.

Proxy server has no proxy set.

DCs are set to gateway 1 as default and domain level group policy has proxy
set for internet explorer

Unfortunately we have vehicle tracking software which uses port 80 but
cannot use a proxy server!!!  To combat this the users of this softwre have
their gateway set to gateway 2 and the proxy taken off of internet explorer.

After any mdification to the AD especially Group Policies, and also at other
times, a refresh is forced at next login and every one goes back to the
default settings which stops the tracking from working.

Question How do I stop the automatic change of IP Gateway and the resetting
of the proxy use?