64 Bit

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Subject: 64 Bit
Posted by:  Greg (Gr…@live.com)
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009

I am looking for some pros and cons of using 64 bit DC's for a small to
medium sized companies. My understanding is that a 64 bit DC is a good
candidate for only Large AD Deployments where the number of objects are very
high (>2.GB AD DB size). I have found some drawbacks like there is no GPMC
for 64 bit, no Reskit Tools, on the flip side Windows 2003 Sp2 Support Tools
while it says is applicable for 32 Bit, the supported OS Section says it
works on 64 bit of w2k3, which is a lil confusing. So i feel at this time
using X64 DC's for small companies is not a great idea and also includes
administrative bottlenecks.

Any additional thoughts or experiences??