Win 2003 ADS users get locked out

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Subject: Win 2003 ADS users get locked out
Posted by:  DD (darshan.dio…
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009

We have a Server 2003 network (2 Domain Controllers, 5 member servers, and
about 100 Windows XP SP3 clients). Off late  we have  noticed that the
random user would get into a lockout problem i.e  all of a sudden their
account gets locked out. However,  they do not get notified for any password
expiration or so.  it happens again. It occurs while they are already logged
ie: the Internet Explorer starts looking for authentication done anything to
lock it out (ie: they haven't put in a bad password three times in
succession). We unlock their account and it workd fine for sometime and
again it might be locked out.

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