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Subject: Re: replication scope question
Posted by:  Jorge Silva (jorgesilva_…
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009

If all the DCs are in the same domain the scope All Domain Controllers in
the Active Directory domain" should be enough, but if you're talking about
multiple domains you can use Forest replication scope?
BTW, why the primary zone? You can have DNS ADI and still have secondary
zones in a member server.

I hope that the information above helps you.
Have a Nice day.

Jorge Silva
MVP Directory Services
"Dudley" <Dudl…> wrote in message
>I have a DNS server with three AD integrated zones and one primary zone.
> server is the only DC with DNS installed. There is a member server that
> has
> DNS installed that hosts secondary zones for all four of the zones on the
> DC.
> A replacement for the DC is in place. I would like to install DNS on the
> other DCs in the forest root domain and replicate the AD integrated zones.
> Currently the zone replication scope is set to "All Domain Controllers in
> the
> Active Directory domain". The current DNS servers are running Windows 2003
> SP2 32 bit, the new DC is running 64bit R2. Would there be any advantage
> to
> changing the scope to the default setting "All DNS servers in the Active
> Directory domain" or should I leave the replication scope alone? Would
> there
> be any issue due to the differences in operating systems?
> Thanks in advance
> --
> Dudley


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