Create new forest - OK to be 2008?

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Subject: Create new forest - OK to be 2008?
Posted by:  David Robson1 (
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009

I've currently got a forest which is all 2003 domain controllers and a
production environment.
The current forest and domain functional level is: Windows Server 2003 which
i believe is the highest level.

I'm going to create a new forest for security reasons and then have a trust
However i am thinking this might as well be Windows 2008?

In this domain will be web servers and internet facing servers only.

My question is will my 2003 forest and 2008 forest work OK together or
should i be looking to make the new forest 2003?

Is there anything i should be aware of if creating a 2008 forest? Any
limitations or known issues or anything 'old' that will not work etc.