Is a Global Catalog required?

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Subject: Is a Global Catalog required?
Posted by:  Mel K. (M…
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2009


I've been working with AD for years and I understand what a GC does and why
AD needs it, but I just ran across a question in a book that got me
thinking. The question basically implied that a particular domain had no GC
servers at all. The question stated that their were two domains in one
forest (all AD 2008). Each domain was in its own site with two sites
total--Site A for Domain A and Site B for Domain B. The question implied
that Site B/Domain B did not have a GC.

I don't have an AD 2008 forest/domain set up right now to test this, but I
have an AD 2003 forest/domain with one DC and was able to uncheck the GC
option for it. I found it interesting that AD doesn't actually required a GC
and that I was able to disable the GC on my only DC. In a single domain
forest this wouldn't really matter too much, but in a multi-domain forest,
such as the example in the question, I would think that each domain would be
required to have a GC. I just wanted to pass this along since I found it


Mel K.
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