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Subject: Re: Is a Global Catalog required?
Posted by:  Marcin (marcin@community.nospam)
Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2009

that's a risky arrangements - since it will cause a site-wide issues if the
link between the two sites becomes unavailable...


"Mel K." <M…> wrote in message
> Hello:
> I've been working with AD for years and I understand what a GC does and
> why AD needs it, but I just ran across a question in a book that got me
> thinking. The question basically implied that a particular domain had no
> GC servers at all. The question stated that their were two domains in one
> forest (all AD 2008). Each domain was in its own site with two sites
> total--Site A for Domain A and Site B for Domain B. The question implied
> that Site B/Domain B did not have a GC.
> I don't have an AD 2008 forest/domain set up right now to test this, but I
> have an AD 2003 forest/domain with one DC and was able to uncheck the GC
> option for it. I found it interesting that AD doesn't actually required a
> GC and that I was able to disable the GC on my only DC. In a single domain
> forest this wouldn't really matter too much, but in a multi-domain forest,
> such as the example in the question, I would think that each domain would
> be required to have a GC. I just wanted to pass this along since I found
> it interesting.
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> Mel K.
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