Re: Export all AD Groups with member : CSVDE ?

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Subject: Re: Export all AD Groups with member : CSVDE ?
Posted by:  Richard Mueller [MVP] (
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009

"anuloma_viloma" <herve.puischevri…> wrote in message

I need to export a list of all AD groups with their members. The
output must be a table.

Is it possible to do this with CSVDE or any other DOS command line ?

If you know a software, tell me.

I don't know anything about scripts ...

Thanks in advance,
Hervé -
You can use the following to output all groups and their members:

dsquery group | dsget group -members

The syntax help says the output is in table format. I'm not sure what you
mean by output in a table. If you want more control you will need to use a
script. I have an example VBScript program that documents the membership of
all groups in the domain linked here:

Richard Mueller
MVP Directory Services
Hilltop Lab -




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