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Subject: Re: Setting up Time
Posted by:  Ace Fekay [MCT] (acem…
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009

"Charles" <Charl…> wrote in message
> In a domain where there is a root domain and a few subdomains (may not
> make a
> difference) should the MaxPosPhaseCorrection and MaxNegPhaseCorrection
> values
> just need to be set on all domain controllers or all of the domain
> controllers including the servers and clients?  Clients are XPsp2 and
> servers
> are all W2k3sp2.
> Thanks,
> Chuck

As others mentioned, too much work and changes to something that works
perfectly by default. Let the domain hierarchy work, I've never had any
trouble with it, including when I worked at a 5000 user system with mutiple
child domains and AD global sites.


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