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Subject: wrong time server
Posted by:  RW (…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009

I noticed something starange recently in our domain, we have total of 4 DCs
in our domain, 2 of them are in HQ and 1 in each remote location. HQ: DC1,
DC2 remote loc 1: DC3 and remote loc 2: DC4
DC1 holds all FSMO roles including PDC Emulator, here is what's strange if I
do "net time /domain:<our_domain_name>" I get "Current time at \\DC1 is ..."
but if I do "net time" only without specifying domain name I get "Current
time at \\DC3 is ..." and next line "Local time <GMT-07:00> at \\DC3 is ... "
and there 2 hours difference. This is happning regardless if I do this on my
workstation, any server or PDC intself in HQ.
Time on workstations and servers is in synch but why would nodes from HQ
which is site in AD look for time server in different Ad site? time service
on PDC is running, there is another DC2 server in same site so why it is
looking at DC3 which is in different AD site?