Routing / DNS question

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Subject: Routing / DNS question
Posted by:  Mike K (Mik…
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006

Hi all,

I am running a 2003 AD structure which is working very nicely.  However, I
have several hosts on a DMZ that I need to access via my hardware firewall.

My Domain Controller are on a network (DC's on 40.11 /
40.12) and my domain is called MK.local

The servers (IMAP/ SMTP) are on a DMZ ( and I have full access
via the Firewall (I can ping and connect via IP Address).

Because of the way the client machines are configured I need to connect to
the IMAP server ( & SMTP Server ( using their names which
are &

Do I need to configure a new DNS zone or are there other ways to point through to via their name?

Any hekp here greatly appreciated.