Re: moving SBS2000 to a larger HDD

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Subject: Re: moving SBS2000 to a larger HDD
Posted by:  Pegasus (MVP) (I.c…
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006

"Jason Blake" <JasonBla…> wrote in message
> hi....
> one of our SBS2000 servers is running out of HDD space...
> I want to transfer the install to a bigger HDD.
> Scsi 18 GB scsi disk to a 72 GB disk.....  No raid controller on this
> just
> inbuilt compaq scsi controller
> Is norton ghost up to the job ? or maybe partition magic 8

One method is described in detail in the thread with
the Subject "NTBackup - complete backup...", posted
here just 12 hours ago.



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moving SBS2000 to a larger HDD posted by Jason Blake on Wed, 1 Mar 2006