RIS dies on "Setup is starting Windows" screen

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Subject: RIS dies on "Setup is starting Windows" screen
Posted by:  F. David del Campo Hill (FDaviddelCampoHi…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006

Hi all,

    We are trying to set up a RIS server to install Windows XP Professional
on our clients. I have found several articles that describe RIS stopping on
the "Setup is starting Windows" screen, but none fit our problem.

    The situation is:

1. Fully working Active Directory domain with 2 Windows Server 2003 Service
Pack 1 domain controllers.
2. One Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 1 DHCP and RIS server.
3. The RIS server has a plain Windows XP Professional CD image and a
slipstreamed Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 image.

We have managed to get the PXE/DHCP part working and to start the
installation until the client machine reboots and gets to the "Setup is
starting Windows" screen; after this it hangs and needs to be power-cycled to
reboot it.
    We have tried two different client machines with wildly different
hardware (one is a single-processor Pentium 4 with an ASUS motherboard, the
other a dual-processor Xeon with an Iwill motherboard; different graphic
cards too), three different network cards (one of them a plain Intel PRO
100), and also installing Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Professional
SP2. Nothing works. I am starting to think the problem is with the server as
both client machines are 2+ years old (no fancy hardware) and the PXE part
works fine.

    What am I missing? Any ideas as to how to find out what is failing?

    Thank you for your help.