Win98 internet access through Server 2000

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Subject: Win98 internet access through Server 2000
Posted by:  grou…
Date: 2 Mar 2006

Hello I'm a beginner so bear with me,

Yesterday I installed a new router on a network with Server 2000
4xWin98 machines and 2xXP Pro machines.

With the previous router all the machines could access the internet.

The previous router also handled the DHCP, on the new router I disabled
it and setup DHCP on the Server.

Also added some DNS numbers to the Server and after an ipconfig
/release and /renew on the XP machines they were able to access the

When I tried a ipconfig /release_all and renew_all on the windows98
machines I couldn't access the internet. Also tried rebooting.

Did a winipcfg and it was getting sensible IP and DNS.

>From a Win98 wkstation I can browse to the router.

But can't ping anything on the internet.

Is there a setup guide for idiots anywhere?