How to license?

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Subject: How to license?
Posted by:  xzavior (newsgro…
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006

Bear with me for I am new to the server side of windows.  I have a small
file server in my house that is just hosting shared photos, videos, MP3's
and other stuff that I want everybody to have access to.  It is just the
basic system with nothing special and there are only a small amount of
people getting access to it (20 have access but at the most but only maybe 5
connections at one time).  I have a full network on devices (Computers,
TiVos and other networkable items) that will be connecting to it at various
times to retrieve files and items and a few users connecting via FTP (my
brother at college and a few friends).  How should it be licensed?  Per
device or per user?