Need help with Server 2000

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Subject: Need help with Server 2000
Posted by:  Scott Hill (scotthi…
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006

A little background first, I live in a small town and build home computers
for people as a hobby. Recently the town called me to help with a problem
with there small network (4 computers). It seems they got them through a
grant some years back & the service contract had run out and they wanted
somebody cheap (very poor comunity).

The problem was with thier Accounting software that ONLY works on server OS
with Active Directory.
The software needed to be upgraded and required 1.2 gig of free HDD space on
the C:\ drive to run the UPDATE. Well whoever set this thing up only made
the primary partion 4gig then partioned the rest of the HDD as storage so
there is no room on the Primary C:\ drive with the OS. So try as I might to
free up space without screw'n someting up, I could only get like 700meg

I had built several home computers for people on the council  and they ask
how much just to build a new machine. So I'm cocky and tell them I can put
together a x64 system that will take them years into the future and run alot
faster than that old dinosaur. They go for it, I deliver a nice box install
the Windows Server 2000 that was on the old machine, call the accounting
software company get the new version installed.
Everything works great, I get paid all is cool.

Now 2 months later after instructing them to regularly check for updates for
Windows and antivirus. One of the girls there in the office ran Windows
Update Site today it told her there was a HARDWARE update for the NETWORK
Adapter so she selected it along with other updates, installed it and
SUPRIZE it FAILED. It also required a reboot for other updates. So she
reboots and the network adapter DRIVER is hosed and nothing works so they
call me.

THIS IS MY PROBLEM I have try'd uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for
the onboard LAN, downloaded latest for manual install. I have also installed
two different brands of PCI slot network cards and I get the same ERROR for
the drivers for both of  slot cards.

The errors I get for all 3 sets of drivers are the same. Start machine,
Windows detects new hardware, install driver, reports a error driver not
installed (NO DETAILS GRRRRR) and the hardware wizard keeps looping back
into itself.

Is there a trick to installing a network card I need to know or is it what I
fear a full OS install or or will a repair install like XP work and will it
hose the Active Directory with a repair? Geeze I will never work on a
unsuported OS ever again promise.