Help with Server 2003 - can't connect to the internet

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Subject: Help with Server 2003 - can't connect to the internet
Posted by:  Larry Kuderick (npm[nospam]
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006

New install of Server 2003 1-4CPU version (I believe this is the 64-bit
version). Installed it on a new hard drive 2 days ago, it installed fine and
I was able to authorize it over the internet.

However, once I set it up as a file server with DNS and DHCP I can no longer
access the internet getting the 'can't connect to the internet' message.

These are some of the things I have tried:

1. Checked my network connection. All information is as it should be,
however, I only see packets sent (366 in this case) and only have 6 packets
2. Checked my DNS server: The internet address is not encluded. My DNS range
is to my current internet IP address is (static IP from my internet provider).
3. Checked my DHCP server: As far as I can see the internet IP address is
not being picked up in anyway.
4. Installed a new NIC card, used a different cable, pluged the cable into
different router ports, tried different assigned static IP addresses.

Anyone have some suggestions on how to proceed short of starting over?


>> larry <<

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