Re: Help with Server 2003 - can't connect to the internet

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Subject: Re: Help with Server 2003 - can't connect to the internet
Posted by:  Paul Bergson (
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006

Does your dns server forward unknown requests to your ISP's dns server?  It
needs to do this to get Internet name resolution?  Bring up the mmc console
for dns left click and then right click on the server, select properties,
select the forwarders tab and enter in your ISP ip address.

What about your gateway address?  Do you have the routes setup to get out to
the internet?


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"Larry Kuderick" <npm[nospam]> wrote in message
> New install of Server 2003 1-4CPU version (I believe this is the 64-bit
> version). Installed it on a new hard drive 2 days ago, it installed fine
> and I was able to authorize it over the internet.
> However, once I set it up as a file server with DNS and DHCP I can no
> longer access the internet getting the 'can't connect to the internet'
> message.
> These are some of the things I have tried:
> 1. Checked my network connection. All information is as it should be,
> however, I only see packets sent (366 in this case) and only have 6
> packets received.
> 2. Checked my DNS server: The internet address is not encluded. My DNS
> range is to my current internet IP address is
> (static IP from my internet provider).
> 3. Checked my DHCP server: As far as I can see the internet IP address is
> not being picked up in anyway.
> 4. Installed a new NIC card, used a different cable, pluged the cable into
> different router ports, tried different assigned static IP addresses.
> Anyone have some suggestions on how to proceed short of starting over?
> Thanks!
>>> larry <<
> MIS Norris Precision Mfg


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