Trouble removing external USB2 drive

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Subject: Trouble removing external USB2 drive
Posted by:  Joseph O'Brien (obrien19…
Date: 3 Mar 2006

I have an external, USB2 hard drive connected to our server.
Occasionally I have trouble removing it using the "Safely Remove
Hardware" method.  I get an error that the drive is in use.  Then, if I
turn the drive off, the server crashes.  The only way to safely get
around this is to restart the server.  This does not happen every time
I try to remove the drive.  I am very careful to stop all processes
that might be accessing the it (specifically Retrospect).

It sounds like a problem with the drive to me, so I will probably
replace it.  Before doing so, however, I want to make sure it's not
software related.  I don't understand why Windows reports it as being
"in use."

Has anyone run into this before?  Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot
it before buying a new drive?


PS., I'm running Windoes Server 2003 SP1 on an IBM xSeries 235.  Sorry
if this double-posted.