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Subject: Drivers - USB/AGP
Posted by:  Xenocide (Xenoci…
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006

I recently upgraded our network computer to windows server 2003. I must
comment that network speed has improved dramaticly than using WindowsXP.
Everyone congratulate me on that... and I should congratulate microsoft :)

I only have a couple of things left to be sorted out.
my Computer runs on an ECS motherboard (P4S5MG/GL+), latest BIOS.
these are my errors:

1) Everytime the Server loads up I get an error message and when I check the
event viewer it says that it can't initialize USB drivers. (Irda/USB bridge).

2) PCI to PCI standard brige (SIS AGP BRIGDE) won't install correctly! I
used every driver I can think of from ECS website and nothing works for my
MB. I'm really frustrated.

What frustrates me even more is that for TWO WEEKS I didn't get a single
reply from ECS costumer support, not even one saying they got my E-mail..

That's one company I'm not going to buy from again.

So as last resort I cam to you!
If someone has this MB and knows how to fix USB/AGP drivers.. plz contact me
here or via my e-mail.

Any help would be appreciated.