The bugcheck was: 0x000000d1 (0x01000024, 0x00000002, 0x00000000,0

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Subject: The bugcheck was: 0x000000d1 (0x01000024, 0x00000002, 0x00000000,0
Posted by:  Donald M (Donald…
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006

Evert week or two I have a server which is crashing with the bugcheck
information above.  I have got a minidump but I don't know what is causing
the crash.  Any help would be appreciated.


mimidump info

** Windows 2000 Crash Dump Analysis
Filename . . . . . . .c:\support\mini.dmp
Signature. . . . . . .PAGE
ValidDump. . . . . . .DUMP
MajorVersion . . . . .free system
MinorVersion . . . . .2195
DirectoryTableBase . .0x00030000
PfnDataBase. . . . . .0x8909b000
PsLoadedModuleList . .0x80484b40
PsActiveProcessHead. .0x804862a8
MachineImageType . . .i386
NumberProcessors . . .4
BugCheckCode . . . . .0x000000d1
BugCheckParameter1 . .0x01000024
BugCheckParameter2 . .0x00000002
BugCheckParameter3 . .0x00000000
BugCheckParameter4 . .0xbff73012

ExceptionCode. . . . .0x80000003
ExceptionFlags . . . .0x00000001
ExceptionAddress . . .0x80469e24

Module ntoskrnl.exe loaded at 0x80400000
Module hal.dll loaded at 0x80062000
Module BOOTVID.dll loaded at 0xf6410000
Module ACPI.sys loaded at 0xbffd8000
Module WMILIB.SYS loaded at 0xf65c8000
Module pci.sys loaded at 0xf6000000
Module isapnp.sys loaded at 0xf6010000
Module pciide.sys loaded at 0xf65c9000
Module PCIIDEX.SYS loaded at 0xf6280000
Module MountMgr.sys loaded at 0xf6288000
Module ftdisk.sys loaded at 0xbffbb000
Module Diskperf.sys loaded at 0xf6500000
Module dmload.sys loaded at 0xf6502000
Module dmio.sys loaded at 0xbff99000
Module PartMgr.sys loaded at 0xf6414000
Module atapi.sys loaded at 0xbff83000
Module symmpi.sys loaded at 0xf6020000
Module SCSIPORT.SYS loaded at 0xbff70000
Module AACmgt.sys loaded at 0xbff5e000
Module disk.sys loaded at 0xf6290000
Module CLASSPNP.SYS loaded at 0xf6030000
Module Dfs.sys loaded at 0xbff4b000
Module KSecDD.sys loaded at 0xbff39000
Module Ntfs.sys loaded at 0xbfeb6000
Module NDIS.sys loaded at 0xbfe8c000
Module smbusdh.sys loaded at 0xf6418000
Module smbgen.sys loaded at 0xf641c000
Module Gernuwa.sys loaded at 0xf6420000
Module Mup.sys loaded at 0xbfe76000
Module VIDEOPRT.SYS loaded at 0xf6090000
Module atimpab.sys loaded at 0xbfdcc000
Module aw_host5.sys loaded at 0xf62a8000
Module i8042prt.sys loaded at 0xf60a0000
Module kbdclass.sys loaded at 0xf62c0000
Module mouclass.sys loaded at 0xf62d0000
Module fdc.sys loaded at 0xf62e0000
Module serial.sys loaded at 0xf60b0000
Module serenum.sys loaded at 0xf64b4000
Module cdrom.sys loaded at 0xf62f8000
Module USBD.SYS loaded at 0xf6320000
Module openhci.sys loaded at 0xf6308000
Module e1000nt5.sys loaded at 0xbfdad000
Module audstub.sys loaded at 0xf65f0000
Module rasl2tp.sys loaded at 0xf60c0000
Module ndistapi.sys loaded at 0xf64c0000
Module ndiswan.sys loaded at 0xbfd96000
Module TDI.SYS loaded at 0xbfe4a000
Module raspptp.sys loaded at 0xf60d0000
Module ptilink.sys loaded at 0xf6348000
Module raspti.sys loaded at 0xf6358000
Module smbushc.sys loaded at 0xf60e0000
Module ks.sys loaded at 0xbfd7a000
Module swenum.sys loaded at 0xf65fa000
Module update.sys loaded at 0xbfd4f000
Module flpydisk.sys loaded at 0xf6378000
Module usbhub.sys loaded at 0xf6100000
Module NDProxy.SYS loaded at 0xf6110000
Module EFS.SYS loaded at 0xf6388000
Module Fs_Rec.SYS loaded at 0xf6510000
Module Null.SYS loaded at 0xf6608000
Module Beep.SYS loaded at 0xf660a000
Module vga.sys loaded at 0xbfe16000
Module awlegacy.sys loaded at 0xbfe0e000
Module mnmdd.SYS loaded at 0xf660e000
Module Msfs.SYS loaded at 0xf62b0000
Module Npfs.SYS loaded at 0xf6120000
Module rasacd.sys loaded at 0xf6518000
Module tcpip.sys loaded at 0xbfb85000
Module msgpc.sys loaded at 0xf6130000
Module wanarp.sys loaded at 0xf62d8000
Module netbt.sys loaded at 0xbfb5d000
Module netbios.sys loaded at 0xf6140000
Module TWGGrab.SYS loaded at 0xf62f0000
Module rdbss.sys loaded at 0xbfb32000
Module mrxsmb.sys loaded at 0xbfab9000
Module dump_scsiport.sys loaded at 0xbfc6b000
Module dump_symmpi.sys loaded at 0xf6160000
Module win32k.sys loaded at 0xa0000000
Module AWDDI5.DLL loaded at 0xf65f1000
Module awvid5.dll loaded at 0xbfc4b000
Module atidrab.DLL loaded at 0xbfa3e000
Module afd.sys loaded at 0xbf108000
Module TWGSYSIN.SYS loaded at 0xf6350000
Module AsfAlrt.sys loaded at 0xf6370000
Module Fips.SYS loaded at 0xf6220000
Module lm78nt.sys loaded at 0xbefcc000
Module NAVAPEL.SYS loaded at 0xbefc0000
Module srv.sys loaded at 0xbedfc000
Module Cdfs.SYS loaded at 0xbf030000
Module pmemnt.sys loaded at 0xf6532000
Module Fastfat.SYS loaded at 0xbea41000
Module spud.sys loaded at 0xbea68000
Module SYMEVENT.SYS loaded at 0xbe2c9000
Module ipsec.sys loaded at 0xbe299000
Module NAVAP.sys loaded at 0xbe180000
Module NAVEX15.sys loaded at 0xbdba2000
Module NAVENG.sys loaded at 0xbdb90000