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Subject: Permissions how to
Posted by:  barrycuda…
Date: 6 Mar 2006

I am from a Netware shop and we are converting to a 2003 based Network
In the netware world we could give permissions on a folder 4 levels
deep without having to give permissions on all of the above levels.
How can you do this in the Windows world?
For example:
We can give permissions to users outside of the Finance group access to

the Reports folder.
Under Windows it seems that I would have to give Read access to all of
the above levels in order for the non-finance person to get access to
see the Reports folder.

I can give rights at the reports level but the users cannot browse to
it.  They would have to know the exact path

What is a standard procedure for this?
Mapped drives?

Just trying to get a handle on this before I create an administrative
nightmare for myself
Thanks for the help..