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Subject: RE: Screen Lock?
Posted by:  Roy T (Ro…
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006


I just found out that actually the screen is locked by when user connect to
the windows 2003 server via Remote Desktop using the console mode. i.e.
adding /console at the back of the shortcut(mstsc.exe /console).  It locks
the screen after the user has locked in via Remote desktop, is there anyway
that we can stop it?  I don't the screen to be locked.  It causes some
trouble when it is locked.


"Roy T" wrote:

> HI,
> I am running Windows 2003 Server, but the screen locked after a period of
> time, then you have to enter your password to unlock it.  I have turned off
> the Screen Saver and make the monitor never turn off, but the screen still
> locked.
> How can I stop it?
> Thanks


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Screen Lock? posted by Roy T on Mon, 6 Mar 2006