Force My Documents Desktop Icon for TS Users

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Subject: Force My Documents Desktop Icon for TS Users
Posted by:  amber…
Date: 6 Mar 2006

I have one particular terminal server that I wish for each user logging
in to have a mandatory My Documents icon to show on thier desktop.

Now, I know you can Disable the "Remove My Documents icon on the
desktop" entry in the GPO, however if the user did not previously have
the icon showing (which most don't by default), it still does not force
the My Documents icon to be shown.  In addition, even if they have the
icon, the user can delete the icon if it exists right off their desktop
even with the above policy in place (keep in mind the My Documents icon
is not just a regular shortcut).  There should be a way for users to be
restricted from doing so, or perhaps on login a registry setting can be
defined to re-create the icon on login...either way...what options are
available.  This is quite annoying as we don't want Help Desk calls for
user's that delete ther My Document's icon.

I'd like to shy away from hiding the My Documents icon, and then
distributing a regular shortcut via a login script if at all possible.
And no, Mandatory Profiles is not an option, sorry guys.

I'm operating under Windows Server 2003 in a terminal services
enviornment and would like to implement this under group policy so that
if registry entries need to be defined and we add a new terminal
server, this doesn't have to be manually done all over again.

Thanks, your help is much appreciated...!