Inherited file permissions

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Subject: Inherited file permissions
Posted by:  Jim in Cleveland (JiminClevela…
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006

I'm hoping someone can educate me on this topic.  Heres the scenario:

D:\manager (shared out as manager$)
  Folder 100

The share, manager, is shared out so that the manager and his admin staff
can get to the share.  The security is set up so that the manager has full
control over the share and the staff has read only.  How do I get this to
propagate to all the folders and files below without having to go to each
folder and setting the correct permissions?  I know if I click on
Security...Advance, it gives me two options:  Allow inheritable permisions
from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects.  Include
these with explicitly defined here.  2nd option is :  Replace permission
entries on all child objects w/ entries shown here that apply to child
objects.  I've clicked on both of them and still the admin staff does not
have access to subfolders and files of the share.  The only way I can get it
to work is to go to an individual sub folder and set the permissions there.
Please advise.