Group Policy Problems on new server

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Subject: Group Policy Problems on new server
Posted by:  Drew Boillot (dr…
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006

Hello, we have an Exchange server/Domain controller that is dieing, we
installed a new server following instructions in KB 822895, and 822931 and
the 'check list' for installing Exchange Serv.

we have had a few small issues here and there, but the biggest one I've come
across is people that have defined permissions defined have problems logging
in, and every time i try to go to the "Group Policy" tab on the <Domain
Name> Properties page. i get an error
"Domain controller not found for <Domain name>"
The Domain controller for Group Policy operations is not available. You may
cancel this operation for this session or retry using one of the following
domain controller choices
(1) The one with the Operations Master token for the PDC emulator
(2) The one used by the Active Directory Snap-ins
(3) Use any available domain controller
The first option i get a another error,
"Group Policy Error"
Failed to find a domain controller. There may be a policy that prevents you
from selecting another domain controller.

The network path was not found

another issues that was just brought to my attention, some users can not
access another server that's in a another domain, I can access them just
from any server, but they get an error
"<servername> is not accessible, you might not have permissions to access
the network resource......There are currently no logon servers available to
service the request"

any help is greatly appreciated