LSASS.EXE System Error, followed by instant reboot

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Subject: LSASS.EXE System Error, followed by instant reboot
Posted by:  Ghoti (us…
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006

Took a few times of watching this.. but I Read the following error then a
complete reboot.

"When trying to update a password this return indicates that the value
provided as the current password is incorrect."

There is an [OK] button, but the system reboots before I can even finish
reading the error.

Google gets me someone w/ the same error on XP Pro.

Windows 2003 SBS Standard
Raid 1 SCSI drives
OS on 20GB partition, Data on remaining partition (Exchange data store
Complete install.
CA e-Truxt AV

System has had no problems in the year it has been up.
Error began after reboot from installing Sharepoint Services SP1.
I have tried rebooting to AD Restore, Safe Mode, Safe Mode Command Prompt,
and Last Known Good.  Every one of them gets the exact same error.

I am about to start a repair install of the OS.  I was just hoping that
maybe someone could tell me what causes this, and I can try to avoid it in
the future.