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Subject: RAID Advice
Posted by:  ron.hei…
Date: 8 Mar 2006

I inherited a Win2003 STD Server.
The C: drive is a single sata 7200 120Gigs seagate.
There is no mirroring, or any sort of redundancy.

I thought I could just buy a second SATA drive that had the same specs
and create a mirrored configuration.
The second drive is 7MB smaller than the original one though, and I
can't get it to accept it as a valid array.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to reconfigure the system to the
most advantageous setup.

The options I've thought of are:

1. just buy a second drive that is 160Gigs and lose the extra 40Gigs
when I create the array.
2. Ghost the first drive to a bigger drive that has an exact mate so I
don't lose space.
3. Partition the server (scarey) to a more managable size, then mirror
it to a similar partition.
4. Invest in a hardware array type of setup.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Regards, Ron