Strange behavior after workstation re-install

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Subject: Strange behavior after workstation re-install
Posted by:  Robert Perez (
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006

Environment: Small Windows Server domain with AD and Exchange 2003, fully
patched and SP'd, all workstations are PCs running fully patched and SP'd XP
Pro and Office 2003 in Cached mode, fully patched via Microsoft Update.
Workstations are connected to a Linksys router and through this to a DLS
Modem for Internet access.

Problem. Reformatted user's drive and reinstalled XP Pro and tried to
reconnect to the domain. Seems to take an inordinate amount of time for this
machine to boot up and shut down, like something is being attmpted in the
background unsuccessfully. Eventually it goes to the desktop. Now, if user
accesses Outlook, the status bar reports that Outlook is "Trying to
Connect". It stays like this for some time and eventually puts up the
authentication dialog, requiring the user to enter his domain login
credentials, every time, and then all the mail folders are updated.

Question: Why is this happening? It seems like there is something going on
in the background that shouldn't be. Every time this user logs into Outlook
he has to re-enter his credentials. And the long bootup and shutdown times
suggest something going on.

Do I have to do something on the server side to eliminate references to the
user's old machine and re-establish credentials for the new machine?

Any other idea? Many thanks.

(Sorry for the cross-posting, wasn't sure where this should be directed)