Explorer crashing regularly

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Subject: Explorer crashing regularly
Posted by:  Jason Cramer (OLSON & IVES) (jasondo-not-spam-anybody dot com)
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006


I have Windows Server Standard 2K3 with all of the latest service packs and
updates.  I recall having no trouble with it when I initially installed it
earlier this year.  I noticed it starting to crash explorer after doing the
very latest windows updates.  I don't know for sure so I can't attribute
these crashes to those updates for certain.

It recovers and restarts explorer, but it seems odd that it would do this
and it sure is annoying.  I've got plenty of disk space available, and
plenty of RAM.  This system isn't all that old or anything, and it probably
doesn't have any sort of virus or spyware.  I'm the only one who uses it and
I never get that kind of crap - I'm very careful when it comes to this
stuff.  Besides that I always scan for things regularly using updated and
latest versions of things like Spybot S&D, windows defender, and online
parasite and virus scanners that I trust and know are good.

It just seems like something buggy in a recent update.  I've been checking
out my running processes and nothing seems out of the ordinary.  I've
checked my startup items in msconfig too.

Is this something that might be a known issue that has a fix or something?

Also, what does it mean when you have something in your startup in msconfig
that is completely null - nothing there, but there's a checkbox on it?