Windows 2003 Server folder permissions questions

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Subject: Windows 2003 Server folder permissions questions
Posted by:  Andrew (Andr…
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006

Firstly these questions may sound basic but I have NO previous experience of
Server 2003.
I have installed the evaluation version to get some background on the
software and am struggling with basics for the roaming profiles and mapped
The server is setup as a domain controller, file server and dhcp server -
not ideal but I only have one machine to run the tests!
I used the file sharing wizard to create two shares called 'profiles' and
'drives' and allowed the permissions to be admin full acess and other read
I then set up a test user. Next I created subdirectories in the above two
shares with the name as the users username and in the 'security' tab gave
them full access but removed 'everyone'.
I then edited the user account to point the roaming profile and mapped drive
to the relevant folders I had just created.
Now, if I log in on a win2k workstation as the test user the drive maps fine
but I get access denied when trying to creat directories etc.
I also get the same message when logging off and it tries to create the
Where am I going wrong?
Also, what is the difference between the settings on the 'security' tab and
the 'permissions' option under the top shared folders 'sharing and security'