Windows 2003, and Certificate Server

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Subject: Windows 2003, and Certificate Server
Posted by:  dhatfie…
Date: 11 Mar 2006

We recently upgraded all of our servers and AD from Windows 2000 to
2003.  We performed the upgrade on each server individually, instead of
wiping and starting over.  Had no problems of any kind.

However, we do have an issue, and are not sure about it.  We now need
to setup a Certificate server, and are unable to do so.  We have 4
domain controllers, and have tried installing on all 4 with no success.
We have tried all the different varieties of Certificate Server, with
no success.  My question it impossible to install Certificate
Server on a server that has been upgraded?  I have found no
documentation or anything that would support this, but I have to
wonder.  Before I break down and call Microsoft, I wanted to see if
anyone else has had this issue.