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Subject: RE: Windows 2003, and Certificate Server
Posted by:  Loong (Loo…
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006


What is happening when you are installing the certificate services? Is it
failing? or not issuing certificates. How are you planning you certificates
infrastucture? Enterprise Root CA -> Subordinate CA which then issue
certificates. Are you using auto-enrollment? or web enrollment to issue

"dhatfie…" wrote:

> We recently upgraded all of our servers and AD from Windows 2000 to
> 2003.  We performed the upgrade on each server individually, instead of
> wiping and starting over.  Had no problems of any kind.
> However, we do have an issue, and are not sure about it.  We now need
> to setup a Certificate server, and are unable to do so.  We have 4
> domain controllers, and have tried installing on all 4 with no success.
>  We have tried all the different varieties of Certificate Server, with
> no success.  My question it impossible to install Certificate
> Server on a server that has been upgraded?  I have found no
> documentation or anything that would support this, but I have to
> wonder.  Before I break down and call Microsoft, I wanted to see if
> anyone else has had this issue.



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