Redirected Folder permissions problem

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Subject: Redirected Folder permissions problem
Posted by:  Gordon Price (GordonPri…
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006

I am redirecting My Documents and Desktop, and I have dealt with permissions
as follows.

On the share, I have "Full Control" on "This Folder, subfolders and files"
for Administrators, System and Creator Owner. Then I have "Read Extended
Attributes", "Create Folders/Append Data" and "Read Permissions" on "This
folder only" for Authenticated Users.
Mostly this works, as users can't access other people's desktops,
Administrators can access everything, and the permissions are done
automatically when the user's folder is first created on logon.
However, I have one problem. I am using Scan Router to scan to PDF from our
copiers, and the Scan Router software, running as Administrator, moves the
resulting PDF to the user desktop folder. However, since the user is not the
Creator Owner, they can't open the file. Also, I will often dump a file to a
user Desktop, which is again not usable with these permissions.
So, what permissions, if any,  can I add to Authenticated Users that will
allow them to open files without being able to also get into other people's
folders? It seems like this wuld be a common issue, but not of my Group
Policy books make reference. They seem to assume that all files on the user's
Desktop are created by them, which is not the case here.