File sharing in W2k3

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Subject: File sharing in W2k3
Posted by:  Andrew Hodgson (m…
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006


I have a directory which is shared on a Windows 2k3 standard box.  I
don't wish people to be able to write to it, but I need people in a
Windows 2000 AD group to be able to write in a specific directory
below the share.

I shared the root folder on the drive using everyone giving them read
and write permissions.  I then set the permissions on the specific
folder in the share so that the specific group had modify permissions.
However, it does not work.

The only way I could seem to get it to work was to give the everyone
group in the share full control then give the everyone user on the
root folder full control - then it appeared to work normally, however,
wish to tie it down.

I looked at the permissions on my solitary W2k3 box at home and they
seem very similar to how I had things set up, but this works and the
one at work doesn't.

Any suggestions?

Andrew Hodgson in Bromyard, Herefordshire, UK.
My Email: use <andrew at hodgsonfamily dot org>.