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Subject: Re: Dumb chkdsk question
Posted by:  Nospam (
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006

"Andrew Hodgson" <m…> wrote in message
> On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 15:26:08 -0600, "tk" <timkelley1…>
> wrote:
> >We have a Windows 2000 Server with a mirrored (software) C: drive.  Can
> >run chkdsk on this drive?  I would assume if we can, that the master
> >would actually be tested, not the mirrored drive.  When I view the drives
> >disk manager, both are shown to have errors and I need to find out what
> >issue is and replace the drive(s) if necessary.
> This is a W2k3 group, however, if you run chkdsk on the drive it will
> work, and any changes that are made to the file system as necessary
> will be mirrored.

Where does it say that this group is for W2k3 only?
I can see "server" in the group name, not W2k3, in which case it is for ANY
Microsoft Windows Servers (inc 2000).




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