Domain File Share Access

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Subject: Domain File Share Access
Posted by:  davidy…
Date: 14 Mar 2006

Here's our setup... We have a 2-node Windows Server 2003 cluster
connected to a shared SAN disk space.  This acts as our main file
server.  We have 2 domain controllers where all of our domain user
accounts reside.

Right now the way users access our file server is by mapping the file
share with the cluster hostname/IP using the domain user account that
was created for them.  None of the users have joined their workstations
to the domain.

Users have been complaining that their file share browsing speed can be
very slow and laggy.  Is this because their workstations are not part
of the domain?  Should all computers accessing a file share on a
"domained" computer also be part of the same domain?

Thanks for the help.